Design Studio Console/Desk

Last week I had to decide on the final rack lay-out because I wanted to order the remaining 19 inch parts, which all together was still a lot. So I decided to (ab)use Visio for a quick 19 inch drawing. The application contains a drawing type that is actually for drawing 19 inch server racks. But with a little bit of creativity you can use it also for audio hardware. In the end it is only the units that count.

And here is the final result, left and right, front and rear:

Studio Console Rack Overview

On the rear I'm going to be forced to leave 1 HE space at the top. During the positioning of the USB connectors for the LED lights I forgot to check the location of the 19 inch panels. On the other hand it is also easy for fitting cables through.

I decided to go with a patch panel on the rear of the right rack. Preferably I would have had one in both racks and have link connections between them. But that was a little bit too expensive and it would have given only a little bit more flexibility.

This weekend I did the final painting. It needs at least 48 hours of drying before it is hard and ready for assembling.