I have this guide already for some time on the links page, but I think it is worth an additional blog posting.

Ishkur’s Guide to Electronical Music

Ishkur's Guide to Electronical Music is a genius website about the big bang of electronic music. It is like genises for all DJ's playing electroni music. It visualizes the origin of electronic music and the evolution of all genres and styles over the years. Nice work are the samples that help styles and generes get more concrete. Funnt to read is his history lesson that describes the real starting point of electronical music, which eventually ends with:

Okay, fuck everything I just said. The real inventor of electronic music was Grog, who in 65,000 BC started banging his stick against a rock in a rhythmic, synchronous repetetitetitetive motion, thereby producing the first tribal track. And what, pray tell, is so electronic about that? Well....he was struck by lighting at the time. It really gave an analogue warmth and fullness to his sound.