Hit Spotting

Everyday I listen to lots of new tracks and remixes. Some of them might be just another remix or cover using that endless sample from 30 years ago. But between those usual day to day tracks are also diamonds. Tracks that make me go wild and remind me why I'm skipping through so many tracks each day. Disappointing is sometimes that you don't hear much from those tracks or that they never make it to the crowd.

To help those tracks and inspire other people with new music I write about my fresh discoveries in this blog section.

20 Dollars Motel - Make it on time

Beside my passion for music I also like James Bond. In the past artists like Modjo and Ben Liebrand created already mixes of James Bond music.


Space Drums - Show me drums

Another Robin S. based release was my first thought. However Space Drums - Show me drums is more a collection of 90's samples.


Peter K. And Andrew M. - La Rubia

The new vinyl slice from Peter K. And Andrew M. features the tracks Pumpkids and La Rubia.


Sil - Dirty Windows

Another classic house track that has been revised, Windows from Sil. A classic that can be added to the eclectic collection of people today.


G. Club Pres. Banda Sonora - Guitarra g

It was below zero this morning, but if I listen to the warm sound of Guitarra g things change. The song with the tropical exotic guitar riff has been released again.