When possible, I try to record live-sets from time to time and provide a track list. The last part is always a lot of work, since most of the time it is a process of reverse engineering. Especially if a live-set is mixed together with other DJ's that used their own tracks. Of course you can download the live-sets.

AKAI APC 40 Allen & Heat Xone 4D

A nice battle between the Akai APC 40 and the Xone:4D as MIDI controllers for Ableton Live. It was today DJ House Container VS. OverSoft in a House Acapella session. We both did a little bit of preparation for a nice Ableton Live set and off we went.


Pioneer DJ/MC Contest

Last Thursday I participated in the Pioneer DJ Contest at the Hollywood Music Hall. I had a pleasant evening and the opportunaty to see a lot of talented DJ's show off their skills. An evening with differnt types of DJ's from different levels.