All my mashup productions end-up here in this section. I try to post about where the idea and inspiration came from and how they were blend together. See this as the big-bang section for all mashups.

Of course you can also download mashups from here.

Def Rhymz - Schudden

As special gift for the Carnaval DJ Mike On Tour and I created an exclusive mashup of Def Rhymz and DJ Debonair. Both Schudden and Samir's Theme are beloved among the youth in Nuenen and a perfect fit to spin in the TienerTenT during Carnaval 2010.


Kid Kaio

The next mashup of Kesha - Tik tok is finished and available. This time I sliced the Kesha acapella in some more chunks to make it blend with Kid Kaio & Rowel Sinester - Dirty freakz.


Kesha - Tik tok

Kesha and Tik tok is not really one of my favorite tracks at the moment. I know that the rest of the world seems to love this track but I'm simply missing a good remix of this track that works out in tempo and rhythm.


AnnaGrace - Let the feeligns go

While I was warping Cassius - The sound of violence, acapella of the month November, I had AnnaGrace also loaded for testing the Warp Markers in Ableton Live. I always need something more then the Metronome to listen if the Warp Markers are correct for using the acapella in some live session. During the testing I was like, hey this actually does sound good.


R.I.O - When the sun comes down

I was going completely out of my mind during the creation of this mashup. I was still a bit frustrated by the fact that I've recently been to late with the ideas or releases of some mashups. So I was looking at the currently popular tracks that I would like to see mashed up. The Sugar song from Flo Rida was one that popped out of the list because, I wasn't really happy with the R&B beat behind it and some of the breaks in the track.