538 Dance Smash Volume 4 Harmonic Mix

As prove for the Harmonic Mixing Software Test I decided to make a mix based on the key results from the manual analysis. This should reveal any key mistakes. Looking at the songs and key the songs are in, the following order could be a option:

538 Dance Smash Volume 4 Harmonic Mix Track List

3 Songs didn't make it into the mix. Louder is a dubstep track with a tempo that didn't fit in. Forever is in Minor and didn't sound right with the other songs. Get back asap from Alexandra Stan is a different story, I simply forgot that track and didn't want to change my mix again.

I made the mix with Ableton Live and was able to mix all 21 tracks in less than 22 minutes. The mix didn't reveal any incorrect song keys and was probably impossible without taking the harmonic aspects in the account.

538 Dance Smash Volume 4 Harmonic Mix Ableton Live