Monthly Acapella

Every month I put an acapella in the spotlight. For me acapellas are very important and I use them a lot in mixes and live sets. They form the foundation for my mashups and open up a lot of creativity.

Max Linen - The Souldshaker

I can't image vocals of a track that sound bigger and with more soul power then the sound of "The Souldshaker" from Max Linen. A British producer duo that made a huge record with this song. But the space in this track is almost completely consumed by the great vocals from Keithen Carter.


Missy Elliott - 4 My People

I think I can fill a whole year with acapellas from Missy Elliott. Her work is very strong and knows a lot of variety. She has for almost all moments a suitable acapella available. But all time favorite is still the acapella of her major club hit 4 my people.


Wildchild - Renegade Master

Back once again... I think everyone knows what comes next. It are the famous words of the classic track Renegade Master that got remixed by Fatboy Slim and an endless list of other artists. I even have a great bootleg remix on Vinyl of it. But even the acapella alone has even become famous enough to make it to the CD map of every self respecting DJ.


Kelis - Acapella

I think Kelis has already made a great repertoire of music that contributed to new musical styles. However, I always had this feeling that there was more possible. Milkshake was ok and I did like trick me a lot better. But from the moment I heard Acapella from her, I was sold!


Bart Simpson - Do the Bartman

This month's acapella is going to be a very simple but famous acapella, since everybody knows the Simpsons. The song Do the Bartman was part of the Simpsons album that was released in 1990. I didn't have the numbers sharp but it seems that the single hit a lot of number 1 spots in the charts all around the world. In the Netherlands it got as close as number 3.