Colonel Abrams - Trapped

The acapella from this month goes back to 1985, when Colonel Abrams' single Trapped went supernova in the charts. A great song with a funky baseline and soulful vocals.

Funny details is his name, which is his actual name and not an artist name as one would expect. In his performances he dressed up like a colonel giving more deception to the name.

What I like about the song is the funky baseline, which was re-used (stolen) in the hit from Rick Astley: Never gonna give you up. Also a number of synth samples from Trapped have been re-used in other tracks.

The reason I made this acapella of the month is because I really like the lyrics of this track. The vocals from Colonel Abrams have a unique sound that give it an urban ambience. The real power comes however from the backing vocals that add at the right moments a great dimension.

Count on top of that the wide ambience sounding drums that became part of the acapella and you have the Acapella for the month March.